What's in my make-up bag?

My FAQ often are about what make-up I use, which moisture and more often: which fragrance I wear.
Well here are the answers in pictures.
I've fallen in love a while ago with Chanel Cosmetics. But for me it has always been difficult to find a good moisture... Until Vichy launched their new products called Normaderm.
And about fragrance, well I love lots of them, but I've been faithful to Thierry Mugler's Alien for about 7 years now. It's a strong scent that doesn't fit everyone and that's why I love it. It smells like "me".

Well, when you're a Chanel freak, the least they can do is offer you a Chanel beauty bag.
All-time essentials: soap, moisture, tweezers, an eyelash curler and a white eye pencil.

I never leave home without my Rouge Coco - 05 Mademoiselle.
From right to left:
Infusion d'Iris - Prada
Not only has it a wonderful name, but it also smells very good!
Intense - Chloé
The One - Dolce & Gabbana
Alien - Thierry Mugler <3

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Ikram said...

Yeah totally right about Thierry Mugler's "Alien" :D Everytime I smell it, I think "Iris!" ^^ Ily Hun'y <3

Pascaline said...

We have the exact same make-up supplies!

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