Forever 21

A lot of fashion bloggers talked about the new Mexx concept store in Brussels (especially because they were invited to the opening event). But nobody told us: what will happen with the old store?
I will!
An American chain of clothing will open at the emplacement of the old Mexx store...
This American store is called...
I accord it, this store is not well known here in Europe, but in the USA it's as popular as H&M (which is very alike). But after expanding in Asia, they’re now expanding in Europe (first the UK and now Belgium).
For my Belgian readers who are not living in Brussels: don’t worry. A Forever 21 store will also open on the Meir, Antwerp.

Personally, I am very excited about this new opening. I took a look at their site and their clothes seem nice. Now we'll have to wait to actually "touch" their clothes.
For you, I made a little list of my favourite items.


 1. Peacock tunic, £19,80
2. Simple knit dress, £23,80
3. Belted knit dress, £19,80
4. Studded shoulder dress, £28,80

5. Double knit blazer, £25,80
6. Relaxed seaside top, £13,80
7. Zippered skinny jeans, £23,80
8. Gathered floral skirt, £13,80


1. Peacock ring, £4,80
2. Camera necklace, £2,80
3. Striped anchor necklace, £3,80
4. Elephant necklace, £5,80

5. Beaded swag necklace, £8,80
6. Grapevine tear-drop earrings, £3,80
7. Rising phoenix necklace, £4,80
8. Owl necklace, £7,80

Be patient girls, just a few months left...


Lara said...

I LOVE Forever 21! :D 'k ben er vaak geweest in America!

Iris said...

Dan zult gij al één tevrede klant zijn :D.
Hoe is de kwaliteit?

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