The Glamorous!

If you don't feel like putting some make up today, but you still want to feel glamorous I advice you to just put some lipstick and to polish your nails.
It's an unconditional.
Personally, I am a huge Chanel make up fan (well, also clothes and accessories fan, but that's not really in my budget!). So, if like me, you love Chanel, the cheaper way to get it is to buy their Lipsticks (I love the Rouge Coco) or their polishes.

If you don't know what colour to buy, just ask for advice at one of those cosmetic shop (I personally think the Ici Paris XL advisers do their job very well) and they'll help you find the right colour.
You can also mix some colours. That's advised for Red Lipstick. It's a must-have, but it doesn't always suit everyone. So if your Red Lipstick shade isn't right for you, try mixing it with some brown. You'll be surprised by the result!
You have small lips? Well, I have small lips too and I've read somewhere that you have to apply a little gloss to the middle of you bottom lip. It'll make them look larger
You have large lips: use deep colours and a matte formula.

Lipsticks I love: Rouge Coco - Chanel & Kiss Kiss - Guerlain

I absolutely dislike French Manicure (sorry, I can't help it) because everyone has it now, and you don't look original anymore! I am pro "normal" nail polish. If I can give you one advice about nail polish: keep it in the fridge! Your polish will last longer and the consistency won't change.
Don't know which colour to put on your nails? Try to match it with your outfit. Or just put black, this one always works!

Nail polish I love: all the Chanel ones!!! and a collection for Di but I can't seem to find the name anymore.

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