Dior is 50's sensuelle

feathers, colours, volume... That's what John Galliano reserved us for Dior's Spring 2011 Couture fashion show. The models took the pose à la années 50. They made me think of some Hitchcock-movie actresses. They are sensuelles and very sexy.
Bright colours, high-waisted dresses and beautiful silhouettes. And the décolleté is very feminine without being provoking.

En bref, I am in love with this collection. I always loved feminine clothing pieces and I think Galliano really did a good job this time. Now really tell me. Don't you dream to be dressed like this for your prom, a wedding or even a masquerade? I'd die for it!
 Very girlish and sensual poses. So 50's.
 I love the fact that there is a dégradé of colours.
 High-waist and very wide on the bottom.
 There is no form to this dress, but I love it that it starts from the breast.
 Dress like a princess.
 One of my favourite ♥!

 Bright and Wonderful colours.
Red is the new black.

John Galliano was inspired by illustrator René Gruau and his "pencil" silhouette.
And a little bonus just for you, dear readers:


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Little .S said...

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Je tiens aussi un blog de mode/photos et tout ! Je suis passionée par la mode et je commence même à créer mes propres habits ! Mon rêve : devenir créatrice/styliste !
Viens voir mon blog et dis moi ce que tu en penses, tes avis me seront très utiles ;)

Little .S

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