H&M goes green

Global warming is a fact! But how can we save our world? The answer is recycle. And H&M found the way to do it.
Do you remember this very fashionable Lavin for H&M collection. Beautiful, wasn't it?
Well so beautiful it seems to never want to leave our stores. Indeed, there is a new small collection, called Waste is some H&M stores. This collection has been made from left-overs of the Lavin for H&M collection. The new collection is very Harlequin-alike and baba-cool.

Personally I think it's a really good initiative to recycle goods and point out their green-spirit, but... the result is really awful. Sorry to say it like this, but I totally dislike this collection. Anyway, I hope it'll seduce some of you.


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Shanah said...

I think it's simply a great initiative coming from H&M, and I hope other stores will do the same :)


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