Jake Rosenberg

It's been a while that I've been watching his work and I thought it was high time I wrote an article about him.
Most of you know him from his famous collaboration with The Coveteur and with famous magazines as Vogue and Elle. But Rosenberg is not only synonym for fashion pictures. If you take a look at his website you'll discover wonderful paysage pictures.

So if you don't know this amazing photographer I suggest you take a look at his website and of course at the Coveteur website!

But here's a sneak peek of my favourite pictures just for you :).

New York Fashion Week essentials

Aslaug Magnusdottir
 I love the "House of Warris" necklace!

Dresses: Matthew Williamson & Pucci

Tracy Taylor
 Miu Miu handbag <3

Celine Kaplan

I love how he plays with colours and how he can make a very simple item look wonderful. he's a genius!



Forever 21

A lot of fashion bloggers talked about the new Mexx concept store in Brussels (especially because they were invited to the opening event). But nobody told us: what will happen with the old store?
I will!
An American chain of clothing will open at the emplacement of the old Mexx store...
This American store is called...
I accord it, this store is not well known here in Europe, but in the USA it's as popular as H&M (which is very alike). But after expanding in Asia, they’re now expanding in Europe (first the UK and now Belgium).
For my Belgian readers who are not living in Brussels: don’t worry. A Forever 21 store will also open on the Meir, Antwerp.

Personally, I am very excited about this new opening. I took a look at their site and their clothes seem nice. Now we'll have to wait to actually "touch" their clothes.
For you, I made a little list of my favourite items.


 1. Peacock tunic, £19,80
2. Simple knit dress, £23,80
3. Belted knit dress, £19,80
4. Studded shoulder dress, £28,80

5. Double knit blazer, £25,80
6. Relaxed seaside top, £13,80
7. Zippered skinny jeans, £23,80
8. Gathered floral skirt, £13,80


1. Peacock ring, £4,80
2. Camera necklace, £2,80
3. Striped anchor necklace, £3,80
4. Elephant necklace, £5,80

5. Beaded swag necklace, £8,80
6. Grapevine tear-drop earrings, £3,80
7. Rising phoenix necklace, £4,80
8. Owl necklace, £7,80

Be patient girls, just a few months left...


Asos dernière chance

Some of you may know it: it's Asos last clearance time! This was a golden opportunity I couldn't miss. So I offered myself some last things. Not that much, I promise!

So, I've been a good girl, don't you think? I can't wait for my package to be delivered! And to actually wear my new clothes and bijoux! Especially this wonderful bikini I'll have the chance to wear in Florida, USA in about a month! Can't wait!


Sales - last part

Yes, I know sales are over for a while now... But not in Greece! So here is what I bought in Greece and also some things I bought the last days here in Belgium and I forgot to share with you.

Poncho: Mer du Nord
Parka: Easycomfort
 Dress: Mango

 Shirt and skirt: Zara
 Bag: Bershka
 Rings: Mango - H&M

 Necklaces: H&M
Bracelet:  present from my cousin
 Chanel polish: 505 Particulière

That's it for the winter-sales. I hope you liked my new adds.



Mad Walk

 While in Greece I could see/hear everywhere about the famous Mad Walk. But what precisely is the Mad Walk? Well, it's a fashion show with the participation of Greece' most famous singers (like Despina Vandi, Elena Paparizou, Sakis Rouvas and others). While beautiful models show the designers' clothes on the catwalk, singers sing live their latest songs.

This was the opportunity to discovers some Greek designers' new collections. And also the opportunity for me to share with you, dear readers, a little of my Greek culture and introduce you some Greek designers and singers.
Here you are:

Apostolos Mitropoulos
Elena Paparizou

Celia Kritharioti
 Viky Kagia
Sakis Rouvas

Deux Hommes
Viky Kagia

Yiorgos Eleftheriades

Mary Katrantzou


Orsalla Parthenis

Vrettos Vrettakos
Despina Vandi

The two wonderful presentators
Viky Kagia & Tamta
here with the winner of Vodafone Madwalk Style Award contest

Verdict: Magnificent show with beautiful people.

Please take a look at the official website and here for you is the trailer of the event: