This caught my eye.

Today was catch up day. I had a stack of magazines waiting on my desk for me to read them. So I started reading, and I actually had enough time to read them all.
And of course some things caught my eye. Sometimes a cute picture, often an interesting article and at time a personality I like.

So here's what I liked:

* in Teen Vogue's December/January issue *

I've been watching her youtube videos for a while and it's cool to see she made it. She's funny and fresh and I really advice you to subscribe on her Youtube page. You can get a lot of make up advice :-).
Here's also a quote of her I totally agree with: "I want to empower girls to be daring. There are so many more careers aside from doctor, lawyer, teacher or banker. There's a whole world out there if you're open to trying new things." 

Well, I am a Gleek, so it's kinda normal I ADORED there cover (story). It was fun reading an interview of Lea (Michele) and Cory (Monteith) and getting to know the actors behind Rachel and Finn. If you never ever watched Glee: you don't know what you're missing!

Not much to say, the rooms are very girlish and I kinda envy those girls. Lucky them!

* in Glamour UK December issue *

Love, sex and what I weighed
Five writers reveal how their size has affected their relationship. I was very surprised when I read this article. It's clear that how we see ourselves affects the way other see us. And this is why it is important to LOVE YOURSELF! I think we all know how it feels to be ashamed of a certain part of your body, or just to be complexed, but it may not affect your relationship with others. I think we all have to learn to accept ourself and try to love how we look (or change what you really don't like). Out there, there is someone who will love you just the way you are (think of Bruno Mars' song :-))

When was the last time you did this?
An article about kissing. It's written that with the years we do it less, which is sad. Cause I'm one of those who loves kissing and be kissed!

How to wear it
Advice on how to wear the printed dress, the ripped jeans, the cropped combats, the leather trousers and the jumpsuit.
I'm sorry guys for not giving any link, but the Glamour UK site is really bad! They don't have any "backup" of their articles, and I don't feel like scanning the magazine.

How I got my job at GLAMOUR
Very interesting to read. It may help you to get a job if you want to work for a well-known fashion magazine :-).

Well, I was about to talk about other articles in Glamour, but since there site is really not what I thought, I won't. Later maybe...

* in ELLE Belgique January issue *
Because I her really much! She is beautiful, talented, simple, stunning, funny, ... Just because she's Vanessa!

Le cocktail orange/fuchsia (vu chez Cacharel & Jil Sander)
If you would've told me someday: Iris, match up orange and fuchsia for an outfit, I would've responded: Are you insane? But it actually rocks! When I saw the picture in Elle Belgique I irrefutably fell in love with it. So why not? Let's be crazy, let's wear orange & fuchsia!

Bonnes adresses - Best Of Belgium
So, I don't know if I have foreign readers, but this little article is only for Belgian people (or maybe tourists). 
It's my favourite article and that's why I kept it for the end.
Elle Belgique gives us a lot of good addresses. 
Here are my favourites:
Louise 54
Avenue Louise 54
1000 Bruxelles
Charlotte aux Pommes
Rue de Rollebeek 29
1000 Bruxelles
Avenue des Saisons 110
1050 Bruxelles
Nationalestraat 28-32
2000 Antwerpen
Isabelle Bajart
Rue des Chartreux 25
1000 Bruxelles
Vintage Today
Chaussée de Waterloo 500
1050 Bruxelles
Patricia Vintage
Henegouwenstraat 75
9000 Gent
Eva Bos
Vlaanderenstraat 66
9000 Gent
Rue de Flandre 44
1000 Bruxelles
Mon Amour
Rue du Page 36
1050 Bruxelles
Graanmarkt 13
Graanmarkt 13
2000 Antwerpen
Urban Outfitters
Meir 78
2000 Antwerpen
Quartier Libre
Rue Lesbroussart 16
1050 Bruxelles
Lou Soleou
Place Sainte-Anne 17
1420 Braine-l'Alleud
Lombardenvest 80
2000 Antwerpen
One thing to say: Let's go!       

That's it for this month.  

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