Dior is 50's sensuelle

feathers, colours, volume... That's what John Galliano reserved us for Dior's Spring 2011 Couture fashion show. The models took the pose à la années 50. They made me think of some Hitchcock-movie actresses. They are sensuelles and very sexy.
Bright colours, high-waisted dresses and beautiful silhouettes. And the décolleté is very feminine without being provoking.

En bref, I am in love with this collection. I always loved feminine clothing pieces and I think Galliano really did a good job this time. Now really tell me. Don't you dream to be dressed like this for your prom, a wedding or even a masquerade? I'd die for it!
 Very girlish and sensual poses. So 50's.
 I love the fact that there is a dégradé of colours.
 High-waist and very wide on the bottom.
 There is no form to this dress, but I love it that it starts from the breast.
 Dress like a princess.
 One of my favourite ♥!

 Bright and Wonderful colours.
Red is the new black.

John Galliano was inspired by illustrator René Gruau and his "pencil" silhouette.
And a little bonus just for you, dear readers:



H&M goes green

Global warming is a fact! But how can we save our world? The answer is recycle. And H&M found the way to do it.
Do you remember this very fashionable Lavin for H&M collection. Beautiful, wasn't it?
Well so beautiful it seems to never want to leave our stores. Indeed, there is a new small collection, called Waste is some H&M stores. This collection has been made from left-overs of the Lavin for H&M collection. The new collection is very Harlequin-alike and baba-cool.

Personally I think it's a really good initiative to recycle goods and point out their green-spirit, but... the result is really awful. Sorry to say it like this, but I totally dislike this collection. Anyway, I hope it'll seduce some of you.



Gotta die for it

Hey dear readers,
like some of you already may know, I'm not preaching on Windows any more, but I'm converted to Apple for some months now.
And I've been such a good disciple I offered myself the new iPhone 4... and I'm pretty happy with it.

If there are some people out here who don't really now Apple, I'll quickly explain you the concept.
Apple is American (you didn't expected that, didn't you?!) and became more popular when they launched the revolutionary iPhone! You know, that first touch-screen phone where you could do everything, just with one finger!

And now, some months ago they again changed the world with their iPad...

How can you recognize an Apple product? Just look for that symbol:

So, I'm now the proud owner of an iPhone 4, where I can post on Facebook and Twitter (nothing new from my Blackberry) but also can write on my blogger - yeahhh - and download apps!

But my point, dear readers, is not to tell you about my stupid iPhone... No, I want you to know how ridicule Apple is with their commercials.
Ever noticed that every time a new Apple product is announced, it's gonna revolution, rock, overturn your world...
I found someone - the Oatmeal - who has found a better way to describe it.

Isn't this just amazing?  Source
well, be sure to take a look at his website! He drew and wrote this himself! I think you can even buy his drawings! So don't hesitate! I say chapeau!

So, do you recognize the situation?