Dear John . . .

We had it. You know, that thing they call real love. I really believed we had it.
You made my heart go like bo-bo-boom.
And my stomach… Forget about the butterflies! This was more like a thousands of  elephants running inside of me. And not only everytime I say you. But everytime someone mentioned you. Or just when I heard some syllables of your name.

 But then….

Yeah then. What happened? Can you tell me. Because I can’t. It all went so fast. One day I saw la vie en rose and the next, all of a sudden, my world was falling apart.
What happened to you, to us? 
But was it actually real? It now feels more like a dream. Maybe I just woke up. Yeah. It must be that. It was too perfect to be real. I’ve been such a fool.
And you… You were so selfish. Telling me you loved me, and needed me. And then running away. You weren’t ready, uh? Well seems like you might be now.With her.
 I guess that at my age you can still believe that a men would come on his white horse and change your whole world. Fool.

And the seconds without you seems eternities.
 Time passes… But not the pain. I can’t breathe without you. My body’s shaking and it hurts to inhale. And I keep asking myself:

What if? That’s the only thing I can think about. So, what if…?

Maybe I was naive. I should’ve listened to the others who were worrying about me.
And you came back… Apologizing. But no! I’ll find someone who’ll treat me well. For once in my life I’ll follow my mind. Not my heart…

Try to catch me now!

Seems like I finally found some inspiration to write again. Bet let me be clear: this is NOT about my personal life! Hope you like it.


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Ikram said...

Oooooh .... Beautiful <3

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