Hello dear readers,
let me be the first to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Let 2011 be full of joy, happiness, love and a good health.
Let this new year the better than 2010. Or at least, let it not be worse.
And I hope all your wishes will come true.

I have some fashion wishes:
Finally own a Chanel bag

Having some Louboutin stilettos/boots
Just all the collection!
Maybe buy an iPad 

Well that's it I guess. (Well, it's allowed to have dreams, don't you think?)

So what's on your fashion list for 2011?



siham said...

Je sais pas si tu connais se site,
mais tu peux y trouver des Louboutin, Yves-saint laurent, Jimmy choo, Manoli blahnik et autres a des prix fou ( - 85% du prix normal ).
Tu y trouvera des louboutin a 150 euro etc :-D

xxx siham

Iris said...

Je doute que ce soit des vrais alors.
Justement je n'en ai jamais entendu parler. Et comme il y a beaucoup de faux qui circulent...
Les vrais sont à trouver dans les outlet officiels. :)

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